Youth Remembering A Great Hero - Sarkis Dkhrouni


Remembering A Great Hero - Sarkis Dkhrouni

Dkhrouni's grave siteBEIRUT, Sunday January 27, 2002 marked the 73rd anniversary of Sarkis Dkhrouni’s passing. On this solemn occasion a ceremony (Hokehankeesd) was held in St. Kevork Armenian Apostolic church of Hajen Beirut, where the memory of Sarkis Dkhrouni and his slain followers where honored.

Following the divine ceremony, members of the Dkhrouni Student & Youth Association, along with the Beirut’s Armenian Athletic Association (Homenmen) Scouts, members of the Dkhrouni Student & Youth Association of Allepo, friends and family journeyed to Fren ElShebbeky Armenian national cemetery.

At Dkhrouni’s grave site the Homenmen Scout band opened the observance with a rendition of the Lebanese national anthem, as well as Armenian National patriotic songs, followed by a moment of silence in memory of the fallen hero.

Opening remarks were made by Sebou Kazanjian, the Dkhrouni Student & Youth Association’s president. In his remarks he reminded the audience of 300 that Sarkis Dkhrouni passed away in the late 1920’s, shot down by Dkhrouni's grave sitefellow Armenian’s. “But we still remember him today because he was a true hero, a hero who through out his life worked for the Armenian cause, the Armenian people, and the Social Democrat Hunchakian ideology.” He also assured the crowd that the memory of Sarkis Dkhrouni will never be forgotten in the minds of Armenian youth.

The Social Democrat Hunchakian party’s Lebanese Central Committee’s statement was made by Alexander Keoshgerian. In his statement Mr. Keoshgerian said “When one looks at the life and deeds of the hero Sarkis Dkhrouni one finds that he exemplifies the Hunchakian ideology and spirit. He was an relenting soldier for his race and nation, as well as being humane.” “Because of his beliefs and actions he was exiled by the French onto the island prison of Arvad. But he was not forgot. Because of his relentless action towards the Armenian cause, and the Hunchakian ideology traitors assassinated him, but his memory, his beliefs, his memory is still vigilant.”

The ceremony was closed with the audience majestically singing patriotic songs in honor of Sarkis Dkhrouni.

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