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Armenian Dkhrouni Youth Association

The Armenian Dkhrouni Youth Association is the youth division of the Armenian Community Association of Australia Incorporated, registered in August 1983.

The Dkhrouni Student & Youth Association was founded in Beirut, Lebanon in 1952 under the auspices of Social Democrat Hunchakian Party as its official youth branch.

The aim of the association is to acquaint, foster and advance Armenian history and culture to young Armenians by arranging gatherings amongst students from secondary and tertiary educations in Australia.

Its activities include commemoration of Armenian historical occasions, educational camps, community guest lectures, documentary movie nights, dinner-dance functions, social sports, camping trips and skiing excursions.

The association is named after Sarkis Dkhrouni (1898 - 1929), an acclaimed and respected teacher, lecturer, writer and philosopher. He was adored by the new generation of Armenians of the 20th century and became the founder of several educational associations of the Social Democrat Hunchakian Party.

The April 24, 1915 Genocide of the Armenians saw the destruction of the Armenian homeland where Armenians had lived for centuries before the arrival of the Turks and where a distinct Armenian culture had developed through an independent, sovereign existence.

Armenia was decimated and its demographic growth stunted. Armenian lands were emptied of their rightful owners. Armenian cultural heritage was systematically destroyed, while an Armenian Diaspora was forcibly imposed. A Diaspora, in which the conditions are simply not conducive to the survival of the Armenian nation.

Some Armenians that were able to escape the Genocide climbed upon boats, ships and other vessels that led them to the Mediterranean, and in particular, to the ports of Lebanon, which remains one of the largest Diasporan inhabitants of Armenians. The legacy of the Genocide and the plight of the Armenian people would haunt them for the rest of their lives.

Followers of Social Democrat Hunchakian Party and their predecessors who began a new life in Diaspora realised that they need to fight for the Armenian Cause. That is to ensure a matter of justice on the perpetrators of the Armenian Genocide - the Turkish government. A matter of legitimate rights that have been violated and continue to be violated.

The first Armenian revolutionary party with social democratic principles - Social Democrat Hunchakian Party, has played a significant role in establishing youth associations around the World espousing the teachings of Sarkis Dkhrouni to its new generation of Armenians, primarily, those studying in colleges and universities who have a common interest in pursuing the Armenian Cause.

The first Genocide of the 20th century of which the Armenian people were the victims, has neither been recognised by Turkey nor by the United Nations. The majority of the World continues to keep silent regarding this issue. The criminals have never been punished and the victims have never been compensated. The Armenian Cause is also a question of territorial rights, i.e. the right of the Armenian people to return to their historic homeland.

The Armenian Dkhrouni Youth Association of Australia was formed in Sydney in 1983. Its operations include organising and participating in the April 24 Armenian Genocide commemorations held annually as well as arranging educational camps, community guest lectures and providing written material for "Zank" Armenian Journal.

The Armenian Dkhrouni Youth Association also commemorates June 15, 1915 as the date when 20 Social Democrat Hunchakian Party martyrs were hanged in the Sultan Bayazid courtyard in Istanbul, Turkey for their role in teaching and educating people about the impending Genocide and to break the enslaving chains of Turkey in order to create an independent Armenian nation.

The continuation of the prevailing conditions creates a strong resentment amongst the millions of Armenians living in Diaspora, in addition to the resentment felt by all peace loving nations labouring for justice and a better, secure World. Furthermore, it increases the determination of Armenians to continue the struggle for their rights.

It is this ideology of pursuing the Armenian Cause that continues to be the main objective of the Armenian Dkhrouni Youth Association.

Armenian Dkhrouni Youth Association

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