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'Zank' Armenian Journal

Zank Armenian Journal

Organ of Social Democrat Hunchakian Party - Australia

First Published - 11 March 1995

P.O. Box 51, RYDE N.S.W. 2112, AUSTRALIA

Phone / Fax: (02) 9557 5778

Email: Zank@Hunchak.org.au

Web site: http://www.hunchak.org.au

The 'Zank' Armenian Journal is the official publication of the Armenian Community Association of Australia Incorporated under the auspices of Social Democrat Hunchakian Party - Australian Leadership.

'Zank' (meaning bell) was first published in Sydney on 11th March 1995.

'Zank' Armenian Journal is a bimonthly publication over 28 pages that encompass local and international news, current affairs and sports. It also looks back in time to trace and remember the vast history of the Armenian people, their homeland, their culture, their religion, their traditions, important anniversaries commemorating the lives and times of Armenian writers, poets, musicians, playwrights, philosophers, sportspersons as well as their many legends and martyrs.

Essentially, it provides a balanced review of political, economic, historical and geographical information pertaining to Armenians in their homeland, in Gharapagh and throughout Diaspora.

More than just an informative journal, 'Zank' is also entertaining reading, reaching the Armenian youth with its specific English section and providing information on the arts, such as movies, music, sports and general information about Armenian achievers throughout the World.

'Zank' Armenian Journal also caters for community announcements and activities. It regularly publishes audited balance sheets of the "Hayastan All-Armenian Fund" in Australia, encouraging its readers to participate in re-building their fatherland decimated by earthquakes and war by way of annual donations to such worthwhile Armenian causes.

Most importantly, 'Zank' Armenian Journal achieves this task by providing quality, balanced views and details of news, services and information to appease all Armenians.

In January, 2005 'Zank' Armenian Journal also became Australia's first Armenian publication on the Internet. As a result 'Zank' can be read at any time and anywhere in the world on www.hunchak.org.au

'Zank' Armenian Journal

Address: P.O. Box 51
              RYDE, N.S.W. 2112

Phone / Fax: (02) 9557 5778

Reg. No.: Y2436426 | CFN: 11087 | ABN: 58 030 129 450




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