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Megurdich KasparianMegurdich Kasparian (Churvej)
(1891 - 1987)

Born in Kharpert in 1891.

At a time when higher education for Armenians was virtually impossible, Megurdich Kasparian was fortunate to be attending 'Telgadintzi's Gendronagan Varjaran' (central school) in Kharpert, and graduated from there in 1910. At 'Gendronagan', Kasparian was a student of Bedros Manoogian (Doctor Benne, Hunchak intellectual, educator and activist, who was hanged in 1915 at Constantinople Bayazid Square with 19 other Hunchak revolutionaries). Benne had a profound influence on young Megurdich, it was through his lectures that the latter turned to the Hunchak revolutionary favour for his intellectual expression.

When M. Kasparian arrived to the United States in 1911, he was already a devout Hunchak thanks to Benne, and a diligent reader and researcher thanks to the intellectual discipline that 'Telgadinzi' is known to have put his students through. He contributed extensively to the "Eridassard Hayastan" from 1916 until the early 70's under the pen name of 'Churvej' (meaning gush of water), his writings include poems and analytical articles, all strongly influenced by his immigrant’s experience and ideological-political convention.

M. Kasparian met with Avedis Nazarbekian (SDHP co-founder) in New York in 1922. In 1935 'Churvej' edited and published a special edition of "Gaidz" (Name of the official publication of the SDHP youth organisation of Constantinople in the early 1910's). He had gathered material for publication from various Hunchak party chapters in the US, while Arsen Gidour had helped him do the same abroad. His book "Ten Years Under the Influence of Telgadinzi" is a valuable record on the life and activities of the Hunchaks in Kharpert, and their influence on students such as himself. 'Churvej' moved to California from the East Coast in 1940 and settled in Fresno a few years later. He worked as a printer and publisher until his death in 1987.

On the inside cover of one of his favorite book (Raffi's "Gaidzer") Megurdich Kasparian had made the following notation:

"Megurdich Kasparian (Churvej), graduate of Telgadintzi's Gendronagan Varjaran Kharpert 1910. Gone to America, 1911. Hunchakian."

That is how he would have wanted to be remembered.















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