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"Revolutionary Armenians" - New York Times, 1894

They Have a Parade and Listen to Speeches Against Turkish Rule

Two hundred patriotic Armenians, members of the Hentchakiste, or Greek Patriotic Association, organized to liberate Armenia from Turkish rule, marched through the streets of New-York last night with banners and transparencies. The banners were peaceful and quiet, and simply indicated that it was the Armenian Hentchakiste of New-York that was on parade, but the transparencies cried: "Down with the Turkish Government!" and "Hurrah for Armenian Revolution!"

After the parade there was a meeting held at 115 West Twenty-third Street, where Patriotic speeches were made by Pastors Fillian and Chitchion. The speeches ware stirring in the extreme, and met with hearty responses from the audience.

Moorad Schirvanian, the Chairman of the local branch, presided, and told of the efforts of the 800 Armenians in the vicinity of New-York to procure for their friends at home something in the nature of the of the freedom which they enjoyed in this country.

The headquarters of this revolutionary party is at Athens, Greece. The various revolutionary associations in this country that look hopefully to the time when Armenia shall be liberated are twenty in number, and are scattered throughout the Union. Branches exist in Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, and other cities. They consist of patriotic young Armenians who have had to expatriate themselves because the cruel practices of the Turk, and who are trying in this way to bring about the relief which Turkish rulers have promised ever since the Berlin Congress.

New York Times
29 July,1894










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