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S.D.H.P. Central Committee Message for the New Year - 2007

Yet another year became history, the whole world prepares to meet the New Year.

During the passing year, the world continued to witness the clash of civilizations and its destructive consequences, resulting in further deepening of the divide among nations.

The worsening situation in Iraq, the crisis in the Middle East, poverty, pandemics, civil wars and the recurring threat of global terrorism represented the main challenges for nations. Unfortunately, the major players on the world stage were unable to resolve many of these issues satisfactorily.

For the Armenian people, the passing year represented a chain of national concerns, with its links stretching from the Diaspora to Artsakh and Armenia. The Diaspora, clinging to its roots and fighting for international recognition of the Armenian Genocide was equally interested in matters concerning Artsakh and Armenia.

The ongoing political, economical and social injustices in Armenia adversely impacted our national awareness.

In Armenia, the upcoming year promises to be pivotal for the political processes that are meant to bring fundamental changes in the lives of the people. All attention will be focused on the upcoming parliamentary elections. These elections should be a reflection of the aspirations and the free will of the citizens of the Republic of Armenia, through the election of their preferred candidates.

The reversal of regression in the application of democratic principles and the adherence to international standards in the political processes are crucial for the future of Armenia. Beyond the election of individuals or parties, the identity of the country will be determined. What kind of country will the people build? A country of confrontation or cooperation? Of economical injustice or equity? Of corruption or integrity? Of impunity or justice? Will we have a country that embraces its citizens or facilitates emigration?

For the national interests of Armenia, it is not hard to guess the correct choices. The authorities ought to recognize the seriousness of the situation with all the ramifications and act accordingly.

In 2007, we mark the 120th anniversary of the establishment of the first Armenian political-revolutionary party; Social Democratic Hunchakian Party. In the upcoming 12 months, this grand jubilee will be celebrated throughout Armenia and the Diaspora.

On this New Year's Day occasion, we wish you and your family good health, and success. Let 2007 be a year of achievements and victories for all Armenians and let it bring peace and prosperity to the world.

Social Democrat Hunchakian Party
Central Committee
31 December, 2006


















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